'Shameless' Alum Emmy Rossum Flips After Learning LSU and Clemson Players Don't Know These '90s Icons

Emmy Rossum is not happy with LSU and Clemson football players. Before the College Football Playoff Championship game, players from both teams took part in a game called "Name the '90s" where the players were given a photo of a celebrity, movie, TV show or anything pop culture related from the 1990s and had to guess what or who it was. With most of the players being born in the range of 1998-2000, the majority of the players got nearly all of them wrong. This led to the Shameless star tweeting that what she was seeing was "upsetting" and she even screamed when she realized they don't know who TLC is.

Rossum responded to her own tweet by showing the face that she made while watching the video. And a number of Rossum's fans responded to her tweets by agreeing with her. One fan wrote: "AOL?! I fondly remember the screech of a dial-up modem and hearing 'You've got mail!'"

"I was asked to make a playlist at work," another fan wrote. "It turns out that the young people have never heard of En Vogue, Salt-N-Pepa, Erykah Badu, or Paul Simon. It took a lot of willpower for me to hold back from ranting like a crazy old man."

"I told this 19 year old I work with that I once hung out with Tara Reid," another Twitter user added. "He goes, who? You know, American Pie. He goes, huh? I google her and show him. He goes, oh Sharknado! Smh"

"The QB on Clemson probably has no idea he looks like Mitch from Dazed and Confused because that movie is not on Netflix," another person stated.


Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence — born in 1999 — was one of the players featured in the video who didn't recognize '90s icons such as Britney Spears, Nas or the movie Titanic. Lawrence and the Clemson Tigers lost to the LSU Tigers 42-25 on Monday, but with Lawrence returning, Clemson is widely regarded as the favorites to win the National Championship next year.

"I'm going to be driven whether we won or lost, but really just the opportunity to make it back here and have a different outcome, he said via 247Sports. "It just sucks when you put so much into something like this group has and you fall a little bit short. But we are going to start practicing in a couple weeks so we'll be getting ready again. Just really excited to start over."