LSU QB Joe Burrow Smokes Big Cigar After Defeating Clemson, and Fans Can't Get Over It

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow had a lot of fun on Monday night. After leading his team to a 42-25 win over Clemson in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, he was seen in the locker room smoking a cigar. He was not the only player, though, as a number of his teammates were seen smoking cigars in the locker room while celebrating their fourth national championship in school history.

And because of how smoking is viewed in the country, there were some interesting reactions to Burrow's actions.

"Disappointed to see such fine athletes smoking cigars! I understand the desire to celebrate and it is certainly well-deserved but this choice is in direct conflict to the healthy role models this team should be," one fan wrote.

"Is that building not a non smoking establishment?" another fan added. "And do you really want your athletes smoking? It's not a good look."

There were other fans who think it's not a big deal.


"Chuck Bednarik could pull this off. These youngsters appear to be 'Boomer like,'" wrote another. "It's not a great look. Congrats on the Win. Enjoy the cigar. Don't do it again. The cigar, I mean. Also ask the WH for an upgrade on the menu. They can do much better than McDs. Louisiana cuisine."

It's likely that it will be a one-time deal as the Tigers worked hard since January of last year to reach their goal of winning the national championship. Also, Burrow is no longer a college player as he's a senior and will be drafted by the NFL in April. And with LSU Football posting the video on their Twitter account, it's very unlikely the school will take any action against them.