Ryan Newman Dealing With Social Media Imposters, Clarifies Official Accounts

Following his crash at the end of the Daytona 500, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman has become even more [...]

Following his crash at the end of the Daytona 500, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman has become even more prominent of a figure. He has appeared on the TODAY Show to discuss how he avoided a serious injury, and now he is dealing with a side effect of fame. Seemingly due to this publicity, there are now several social media accounts pretending to be ran by Newman.

The veteran driver posted a photo on his Instagram account on Wednesday that there are fake accounts posting across multiple platforms. These imposters are prevalent on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Newman didn't want there to be any confusion, nor did he want to see his fans get taken advantage of. He listed the only authentic accounts on every platform.

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Newman wants his fans to be able to follow his daily life and enjoy the photos and videos that he routinely posts. This is how he shows off the fish that he catches or the models that he builds with his daughters. In addition, Newman uses his official channels to bring entertainment to his fans.

One example is a recent video that he posted on Instagram. Newman wanted to show his fans that he is "just like everyone else" despite being a NASCAR driver and earning a sizable paycheck. He took the fans through his daily life at home while specifically mentioning his sponsors.

"[I] start the day off with an ice-cold Coca-Cola," Newman said while showing himself opening the drink. "Insert a little liquid engineering to ensure that my Ford engine is humming perfectly."

As Newman walked through his house and his garage, he prominently showed off the brands that sponsor him. For example, he used Castrol Motor Oil in his classic Ford and then made some Oscar Mayer hot dogs on the grill.

Some users on Instagram complained about Newman "showing off" his wealth, but the vast majority felt that this fake commercial for his sponsors was entertaining. They appreciated the humor during a fairly stressful time period.

"Incredible how many ad's are piled into this single #Ad [laughing emoji] Introducing: Ryan Newman - NASCAR driver, Engineer, and Marketing guru," one Instagram user wrote. Another said that this was a much safer way for Newman to pay his bills.

While there are some fake accounts attempting to trick the driver's fans, they don't provide the same level of access as their authentic counterparts. Newman proved this to be true with his recent posts.

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