Ryan Newman: Hospital Reveals New Photo of Driver and His Daughters Posing With Staff

A photo of Ryan Newman posing with his daughters along with hospital staff has started making the rounds. The photo was tweeted out by Halifax Health, where Newman was taken Monday night after a devastating crash in the final lap of this year's Daytona 500. In the photo, it appears that Newman appears to be in good spirits.

It was initially reported on Tuesday that Newman was "awake and speaking" after being admitted Monday night following the crash. He was spotted exiting the facility along with his daughters earlier on Wednesday thanks to some social media posts from his estranged wife, Krissie Newman.

As racing fans everywhere have been sending their support to Newman and his family in the wake of the crash, they were more than thrilled to see Newman with the staff that helped nurse him back to health.

"Thanks for taking such great care of Ryan," wrote one fan.

"Hope to see him back out there racing soon," another wrote.

"If that isn't a tribute top-end engineering and medical treatment nothing is," a third tweeted.

Following Newman's crash, NASCAR has announced that its research and development department will study the car as a means of further improving its safety protocols.

Andy Petree, competition director for Richard Childress Racing, told FOX 13 that it was "kind of like and [National Transportation Safety Board] investigation. Take that mindset and go find anything and everything they can to make the car safer."


Corey Lajoie, who was also competing in the Daytona 500 Monday night, called the crash the "worst-case scenario" for both Newman and himself after he struck his car going 200 mph.

"I didn't know where I hit him. I didn't know who I hit," Lajoie told Fox & Friends. "I came to a halt and got out because my car was on fire, and the wind was knocked out of me, and I was trying to collect my thoughts and just figure out what happened. I think everybody in the NASCAR community would agree that Ryan is probably the toughest guy in the garage. So there is no question he is going to make a full recovery and be back soon."