Rutgers Player Delivers Right Hook to Teammate While Celebrating Touchdown

College football season is important for those in need of bizarre knowledge. This is the time of year when potential fans learn about critical rivalries between colleges, as well as some of the more minute details about coaching trees. As Saturday's game between Boston College and Rutgers showed, this is also the time of year when fans can learn if their quarterback can take a punch.

Early on during Saturday's game, Rutgers was in need of a big play to tie up the score. Fortunately for the Scarlet Knights, quarterback Artur Sitkowski and running back Raheem Blackshear provided just that. The signal-caller dropped back and tossed a short pass to his RB, who galloped for an 84-yard touchdown.

This play fired up the entire roster, but specifically, offensive lineman Michael Maietti. Following the score, the big lineman picked up Sitkowski in celebration and then punched him in the face.

The play was extremely exciting for the members of Rutgers' offense, but Maietti and his fellow linemen have a responsibility to protect the man throwing the football. Punching Sitkowski in the face certainly seemed counterproductive.

Fortunately, Rutgers fans learned that their quarterback can take a punch from a man far bigger than him. He remained in the game and was productive during the first half. Shortly into the third quarter, Sitkowski has completed 15 of his 18 attempted passes for 212 yards and one touchdown. The Scarlet Knights are currently losing to Boston College, but there is still an opportunity to achieve victory.

If Sitkowski can continue making solid plays while proving his toughness, this Rutgers team will have an opportunity to put together a winning season. At 1-1, the Scarlet Knights only need five more victories on the year to earn bowl eligibility. Although six more wins would guarantee a spot.

Will Sitkowski lead his team to the necessary wins, including a victory over Boston College? At this point, the answer is certainly unclear, but there is no denying that the signal-caller proved something very important on Saturday afternoon. After absorbing a vicious right hook from his own teammate, Sitkowski showed that he can take the hits and keep on rolling.


If nothing else, this sign of toughness should certainly impress the surrounding players and coaches. Maybe it will even benefit the QB by intimidating those defenders in search of a sack or tackle for loss.