Watch Russell Wilson Give 'Cringe-Worthy' Mic'd Up During Monday Night Football

Russell Wilson is known for being a great leader on the football field — but when the Seattle Seahawks quarterback was encouraging his team against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football, it sounded as if he knew he knew he was wearing a microphone. At least, that's what Kevin Boilard of 247 Sports believes, as he said it was the "most cringe-worthy mic'd up" in Monday Night Football history. Boilard shared highlights of Wilson pumping up his team throughout the game, which seems pretty normal since he's the leader of the team. But how he was saying it caught Boilard's eye.

Twitter users had some interesting things to say about Wilson's mic'd up performance on Monday night. One person said, "Is it me or does he sound just like Pete Carroll? Same speech pattern and everything."

Boilard responded to the person and said, "He sounded like someone who was thinking about being mic'd up."

Another person agreed with Boilard by writing, "Sounds like dialogue from a Disney movie about a pop warner football team that has to win the district championship to save their local bakery."

One Twitter user disagreed with Boilard and said he said he was just trying to lead his team to a win. The person wrote, "How dare he try to motivate his team to win a game!?"

Another person believes that if Tom Brady talked like that, nobody would be saying it's cringe-worthy. The Twitter user wrote, "Saint Brady talks the same way when he's mic'd up (I've heard it ) but you don't criticize him. Classic west coast bias. No respect I tell ya, no respect !"

Whether it was cringe-worthy or not, the talks Wilson gave to the team seemed to work as the Seahawks beat the Vikings 34-30 and they now are tied with the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens for the best record in the NFL. Seattle has won its last five games and they would have first-round bye and host at least one playoff game if the playoffs were to start today.


"I think we're playing great football. I think we can play better," Wilson said after the game. "I think, the thing is we're 10-2, top of the NFC West, and we're in control and that's a great thing. We like having that control and just being able to try to continue to win football games."