Rex Ryan, Ex-NFL Coach, Makes Joke About His Foot Fetish, and Social Media Can't Handle It

Rex Ryan knows all about feet as he was seen in a foot fetish video that stared his wife back in 2010. And when he was on the ESPN show Get Up recently, the former NFL head coach teased the ordeal as the show concluded. On the Friday edition of Get Up, the panel was discussing Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown and his foot injury. As the conversation ended, Ryan casually said, “Well, let’s not talk about feet.” That led to Sam Ponder getting out her chair and laughing out loud while the other hosts were also enjoying Ryan’s comment.

The crew on Get Up weren’t the only ones who reacted to the former NFL coach’s reference to his foot fetish. Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus said, “OK. Rex Ryan is now awesome.”

Drea Blackwell of KSBW agreed with Monson as she said, “THAT’S IT. IT IS OVER. Rex Ryan is the GOAT.”

PFT Commenter of Barstool Sports and the hit podcast Pardon My Take. Is known for having great tweets and replies. But he kept it simple when it came to Ryan as he said,” Rex Ryan is incredible.”

The video of Ryan and his wife was leaked right in the middle of the 2010 season and his team, the New York Jets were on the verge of securing a playoff spot. In December of that year, Ryan responded to questions about the video and at the time he did not go into detail about the situation.

“Obviously, I knew these questions were coming,” Ryan said to reporters via the New York Post. “But this is a personal matter, and I’m not going to discuss it.”

As for the players, they were not worried about the video.


“It is a bit odd, but hey that’s the way this year is going,” Jet guard Brandon Moore said at the time. “You just adjust and not let it be a distraction as best you can and move on. It has nothing to do with football. That’s something he is going to have to deal with. It’s not going to be mentioned around here. We’re game-planning for the Bears.”

The talks of the video did nothing to the Jets that season as they reached the AFC Championship game only to lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ryan went on to coach for the Jets for another four seasons and then he coached the Buffalo Bills for two seasons. It’s good to see Ryan joking about the foot fetish ordeal since it’s been almost 10 years.