Report: Antonio Brown Facing Multi-Game Suspension, Possible Full Season

With two weeks remaining on the NFL's regular-season schedule, time is running out for Antonio Brown to find a new team. There have been reports about 20 potential landing spots, but all of the teams have reportedly been waiting for the NFL's decision after a prolonged investigation. According to new information, that decision could result in Brown being suspended multiple games.

Tuesday morning, Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report revealed that Brown is "looking at a multi-game suspension." Several sources around the NFL have revealed that they believe the league will suspend the former New England Patriots receiver "for at least six games." There are also some sources that believe Brown could miss an entire season.

The league has been investigating allegations of sexual assault and rape filed against Brown in early September. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about this ongoing investigation last week, and he said: "they still have not completed the investigation."

As he explained during a press conference at the league's December meeting, Goodell was not one of those that met with Brown for eight hours in November. There was a separate team conducting the investigation, and they would be providing Goodell with more information when it is ready.

As it turns out, Brown saw Goodell's response, and he was not happy. He posted a video of the NFL commissioner on Instagram and wrote: "Bro what you investigating stop lying" in the caption.

The free-agent receiver has made it very clear on Instagram and Twitter that he wants to play in the NFL again. He would prefer to suit up for the Patriots, but he has also has expressed interest in joining the Philadelphia Eagles. However, these hopes may have to be put on hold while the NFL finishes the investigation.

One other aspect of the story that has been mentioned by Freeman is that many of the potential suitors would be willing to sign Brown, albeit with one stipulation. The tweets and videos in recent months have been creating headlines, and Freeman reports that "every team" would try to sign Brown if he stayed off social media.


Will Brown actually be suspended for six games to begin the 2020 season? The answer is unknown, but many sources around the league have expressed their belief to Freeman that this will be taking place. A season-long suspension could be less likely, barring the league finding information that proves that Brown is guilty of these alleged actions.

(Photo Credit: Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire/Getty)