Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Checks in on Photographer He Knocked Over

Sunday's battle between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens may have been known for quarterback Mason Rudolph leaving after taking a blow to the head, but he was not the only one in danger. A sideline photographer was also knocked to the ground after Ravens QB Lamar Jackson was shoved into her. Following this collision, Jackson stopped to help the photographer off the ground and make sure that she wasn't injured.

"They're human beings too," Jackson said during his media availability on Wednesday. "I know we are moving fast, getting physical out there on the field. We're coming full speed, and she's sitting down taking pictures. I know that kinda hurt, so I had to make sure she was alright."

On the play in question, Jackson was scrambling toward the sideline with Steelers linebacker T.J. Watt in pursuit. The Ravens QB used a stiff arm to get away from Watt before heading out of bounds. However, Steelers defensive end Stephon Tuitt shoved Jackson, drawing a penalty and forcing the QB to collide with the photographer.

Of course, Jackson didn't simply help the photographer up and go about his day. He also messaged her later to check-in and make sure that there were no injuries. Although there was a secondary reason for the message.

Following the game, it was revealed that this photographer was able to capture the exact moment that Jackson used the stiff arm to knock Watt to the turf. The close-up image showed his hand right on the face mask of the Steelers defender, just moments before Jackson was shoved into the photographer. Jackson actually became aware of this photo and made sure to mention that it was a "great pic" when he sent the direct message.


Whether he is helping up those that he knocks down, stopping his car to sign autographs, or simply making plays on the field, Jackson is certainly winning over the Ravens fanbase. Using his arm and legs, the former Louisville standout has helped lead Baltimore's team to a 3-2 record and first place in the AFC North.

Winning the division isn't guaranteed at this point, but the Ravens still have the best opportunity to reach the playoffs for the second season in a row. If Jackson can keep this team forging toward the postseason while building a reputation for good deeds, he will have no shortage of supporters.