Raiders Spend $28 Million on Land for Allegiant Stadium Parking

With the future home of the Raiders nearing completion in Las Vegas, the team has to find a place to fit the vehicles for all of the fans. Sin City isn't known for ample parking, which could be problematic during Raiders games. However, this goal was achieved recently when the Raiders spent $28 million to purchase 17.3 acres near the stadium that will be used for parking.

Per the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the team purchased several parking lots and commercial buildings along or near Valley View Boulevard. These are located between Tropicana and Hacienda Avenues and are all within a mile of Allegiant Stadium, the future home of the Raiders. The purpose, according to team president Marc Badain, is to open up nearly 3,000 additional spots within walking distance of home games.

“It’s half-a-mile away at its closest point,” Badain said. “You can walk from that site pretty easily. We’ll have shuttle service available at the site, but I think most people will park and walk.”

Finding ample room for football fans to park was critical considering that Allegiant Stadium only has 2,725 spaces available on site. Clark County requires 16,250 parking spaces, both on and off-site, to be dedicated to stadium parking. With these new purchases combining with 11,925 spaces found in four satellite lots will provide the Raiders with more than enough spots to fulfill county requirements.

Following the purchase, the Raiders have demolished some buildings, but they haven't completely decided on what to do with all of the land. There is an existing four-story parking garage that can fit shuttles on every level, which will be beneficial on game day, but the Raiders will still need to make other decisions about the rest of the property.

“We’ve got almost 20 acres to play with,” Badain said. “It gives you a couple of different options for people to tailgate.”

With the latest purchase, the future Las Vegas-based team is drawing closer to the goal of making this a destination for both football fans and tourists. The nearly $2 billion stadium will primarily be used as the home of the Raiders, but it will also be hosting the PAC-12 Championship games in 2020 and 2021.

In addition, Badain and the Raiders have hopes of hosting the Super Bowl in 2025, and they will need a pristine gameday experience to convince the league that Las Vegas should be the destination for a championship game. Part of the process was increasing the number of luxury suites to 128, which the team did back in late May.


“It’s also good for the Super Bowl,” Badain said. “The more suites you have, the better opportunity you have to bid for the Super Bowl. So we wanted to be responsive to the NFL, as we’re working on a bid for the 2025 Super Bowl.”

With the enhancements to the stadium, the Raiders had a decent chance of hosting the Super Bowl. Adding in more parking should only aid in that quest.