4-Star QB Prospect CJ Stroud Turns Heads With Personalized Ohio State Banner

Fans of the biggest universities around the country entered National Signing Day with hopes of seeing top prospects land with their favorite teams. Ohio State University fans considered themselves very fortunate after witnessing four-star quarterback prospect CJ Stroud reveal that he will be heading to the Buckeyes. He even did so after unveiling a personalized banner.

When it came time to make his decision, the Rancho Cucamonga QB in Stroud showed off a banner that revealed his future destination. He was standing in front of the Buckeye's "O" logo and spelling out "O-H-I-O" with his arms.

As a top QB prospect, Stroud was a target for the University of Georgia, the University of Michigan, and other top schools. However, he chose to join the school that recently produced a first-round pick in Dwayne Haskins.

"HE BROUGHT HIS OWN BANNER. AND IT'S SPECTACULAR," one Twitter account posted after watching Stroud make his ultimate choice. Others were simply surprised that Stroud's parents didn't appear to be very happy about the decision. A prominent theory posed was that they wanted Stroud to suit up for UCLA or another southern California team.

That being said, there was one person that wanted to point out a factor that had been overlooked by many. Stroud was rumored to be deciding between Georgia and Ohio State, and both schools were believed to be top contenders. However, the four-star prospect went through the trouble of making a personalized banner for his choice.

"There was a lot of talk about #UGA, but were they really ever in this for CJ Stroud with a banner like this made for this day?" one user asked. "#GoBucks got another exciting, playmaking QB."

As Stroud explained following his decision, this choice was one that made sense to him based upon future goals. Yes, Ohio State is viewed as a top university, one that draws thousands of fans each week and fills the stadium. This is also a breeding ground for NFL talent. Stroud is well aware of this face, and he wants to be best prepared for a potential future in the league.


"Ohio State was definitely the best choice for me, I felt," Stroud told ESPN after making his announcement. "I feel like Ohio State is definitely putting out the best quarterbacks and getting them ready for the NFL."

Photo Credit: Justin Casterline/Getty