Professional Wrestling Star Kurtis 'Mad Kurt' Chapman Dead at 26

Kurtis Chapman was a popular professional wrestler in Britain.

Kurtis "Mad Kurt" Chapman, a British professional wrestler has died. He was 26 years old. Revolution Pro Wrestling announced the news on social media Friday and said it was "absolutely heartbroken" about the loss. The cause of death was not announced. 

"We watched Kurtis grow from a child to a young man who loved professional wrestling and continued to excel in all aspects of his life," the announcement read. "One of the most gifted technical wrestlers, charismatic characters and magnetic personalities. He will never be forgotten."

According to The Daily Mirror, Chapman was born in Portsmouth and began his professional wrestling career in 2014. He hasn't wrestled since June when he defended his Resurgence Arthouse title at a show in Leicester, according to the Wrestling Observer. In his career, Chapman has competed in many promotions, including Over the Top Wrestling, Game Changer Wrestling and Progress Wrestling. During his time at Revolution Pro Wrestling, Chapman won the Undisputed Cruiserweight Championship in 2017 and held the title for 154 days, according to Bleacher Report. 

Many wrestling promotions reacted to the news of Chapman's death. TNT Extreme Wrestling wrote,  "Everyone at TNT extends their deepest condolences to the loved ones of Kurtis Chapman, better known as Mad Kurt. Kurtis was not just a well-respected performer but a dear friend. We will miss not just him but the laughter and light he brought to all of us dearly."

"GCW is saddened to learn of the passing of Kurtis Chapman, aka Mad Kurt," Game Changer Wrestling wrote. "We were lucky to work with him during our first tour of the UK and we will remember him with great fondness. RIP Kurt.

Progress Wrestling wrote: "We are absolutely devastated to hear about the passing of Kurtis Chapman otherwise known to fans as Mad Kurt. Our hearts go out to all of his family and friends. BritWres will never be the same without him."