Premier League: Willian Jose and Wife Ana Carolina Nazario Expecting Child Together

Willian Jose, the man who scored 62 times in 170 appearances for Real Sociedad, is celebrating an upcoming addition to the family. He and his wife, Ana Carolina Nazario, revealed that they are expecting a child together. They unveiled the news with an epic post on social media.

Nazario posted a video on her Instagram profile that featured footage of the ultrasound. The clip then switched and showed her standing in a white dress and cradling her stomach. The couple then danced around in the yard before taking part in a gender reveal. They confirmed that they would be welcoming a baby girl in 2021 and revealed that the name is Julia.

Jose posted his own celebratory photo on his Instagram profile while ringing in 2021 in style. He showed him and Nazario posing together while he placed a hand on her stomach. "FELIZ ANO NOVO!!! [Happy New Year]" he wrote in the caption of the post.

While he awaits the birth of his child, Jose is currently suiting up for a new team. The Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. brought Jose in on loan from Real Sociedad due to Raul Jimenez suffered an injury. The Wolves have the option to buy his contract for £22million in the summer based on how he performs on the pitch.

"Those are the sort of players that are needed in the Premier League," said Wolves great John Richards. "That's the difference between being near the top or middling, which is where Wolves are at the moment. I think he's going to give them a great boost. When you look at the lad's pedigree, he's a regular scorer. He's scored every third game in La Liga, which is very impressive."


Jose did not feature during a match against Chelsea on Wednesday due to getting his work permit sorted. However, Richards explained that he expects big things from Jose, especially considering how he impacts the other players on the roster. "The team has not been firing on all cylinders — maybe lacking in confidence — and not doing things naturally like they used to," he added.

"They've just got to get back to that and someone like Willian coming in should give them that quality — a natural, proven scorer at the top level. Sometimes that freshness is all you need to give a team a boost. He's got to adjust to Nuno's style of play as he'll have been playing a different style with Real Sociedad. But when you have someone of that age, experience and quality, it won't take long. The sooner they get him in, the better."