Patriots Expect Antonio Brown to Play on Sunday Despite Allegations

NFL fans are wondering if New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown will play on Sunday due to the sexual assault lawsuit filed against him on Monday evening. It looks like the Patriots know the answer as they expect Brown to be on the field this Sunday when the team takes on the Miami Dolphins. According to Ian Rapoport at NFL Network, Brown practiced with the team on Wednesday and Thursday which is always a good indication he will play Sunday.

The only way Brown is not on the field is if the Patriots feel he hasn't picked up the offense enough to play and they put him on the inactive list. But as of now, it looks like the Dolphins will have to deal with one of the best receivers in the league.

The reason the Patriots expect Brown to play is the lawsuit against him is civil and not criminal. The accuser, Britney Taylor did not file a police report and it has been reported the allegations will not be investigated according to a Pennsylvania attorney.

Taylor is scheduled to meet with the NFL next week, so it's likely a decision will come down at that time. Until then Brown is focused on helping the Patriots win and as soon as he signed his one-year deal, he met with Tom Brady. The six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback was recently on Westwood One Radio and he talked about how Brown and the Patriots can succeed this year.


"The only thing that I know what we can do is to go out there and work at it, to meet and to communicate, and get on the practice field and go through things," Brady said. "I'm not buying into any hype or potential. I'm into work. He's into work and our entire offense is into doing what's in the best interest for the team. I'm really excited to get to practice on Wednesday."

The Patriots are a franchise that will take risks when it comes to troubled free agents. And they can get away with it because they have such a strong system in place, one person does not dictate the franchise. So if the Patriots find out that Brown is a distraction or the legal issues get bigger, they will not hesitate to move on from him.