Patrick Mahomes' Girlfriend Moved to Safety During Chiefs-Patriots Game

Sunday afternoon, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won a hard-fought game against the New England Patriots, moving them within reach of a bye week. However, Mahomes' girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, has a far less enjoyable experience. She revealed in a series of tweets on Sunday that stadium security actually had to move her due to her treatment by the fans.

According to the account provided by Matthews, the Patriots fans at Gillette Stadium knew who she was and immediately began messing with her during the early portions of the game. "Hey everyone, this is Patrick Mahomes girl and brother, let's give them s---," one fan allegedly said.

As it turns out, one of the biggest points of contention during this game was that Matthews and Mahomes' brother, Jackson, wanted to stand in celebration of big moments by the Kansas City Chiefs. Whenever they did so, they were met with criticism. The Patriots fans said that they would call security and have the pair kicked out if they continued to stand throughout the game.

Matthews later revealed that Gillette Security actually came to her and Jackson and moved them to a different location so that they would remain safe. "That's how you know it was bad," she wrote.

Ultimately, Matthews was able to enjoy the remainder of the game and watch her boyfriend secure a playoff spot with the victory. Mahomes actually became the first quarterback under 25 years old to win a regular-season road game against the Patriots since 2000. He's now the youngest quarterback to defeat the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick combo.

Following the win, Matthews made sure to celebrate the victory while laughing at the expense of the Patriots fans. She posted about how this victory Monday is the best one yet and also retweeted a message that read: "good morning to everyone except Patriots fans."

Matthews also got in some extra shots toward the Patriots fans on Monday, referencing the six Super Bowl wins that the team has since 2000. In her opinion, it's too early to compare the careers of Brady and Mahomes considering that the Chiefs' quarterback has only been in the league since 2017 and didn't become a starter until 2018.

"Once patrick has been in the league as long as Brady, then chat to me about Super Bowls!" she wrote. "Patrick is 24, brady is 42 you just wait."


With three weeks remaining in the regular season, the big question for Matthews is whether she will attend a potential playoff matchup between the two teams. The Chiefs and Patriots met during the 2018 AFC Championship, and they could face off yet again this season, potentially at Gillette Stadium. Matthews would have to deal with the Patriots fans once again in a lose-and-go home situation.

(Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty)