Panthers TE Greg Olsen's Remarks About Cam Newton Sparks Vibrant Response From Social Media

Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen stood by Cam Newton, insisting the 2015 NFL MVP can be a star again. Newton has been out with a foot injury, leaving Kyle Allen to pick up the slack and helped lead the Panthers to four-straight wins. Olsen's remarks caused a stir on social media, with many calling for Allen to be allowed to remain the starting quarterback, even after Newton is ready to return.

"Let Kyle finish the season. He’s 4-0. Cam is 0-2 and his history of injuries concerns me for this season and beyond," one fan wrote on Facebook. "He’s gonna want a lot of money after next year. I say you move on from Cam and go with Kyle and Will Grier backing him up."

"Why??? The panthers haven't ever had an elite quarterback! Great defense and a solid running game has always been the formula in Carolina!" another wrote. "All we need is a decent CONSISTENT quarterback and we can win it all. Kyle Allen is more consistent than Cam!! PERIOD!!"

"Let's call a spade a spade. Receivers like to get the ball, period. And Olsen was a big target for Cam, but Cam did not spread the ball around that well most of the time," another fan pointed out. "Kyle Allen does and Olsen has not had as many passes from Allen as he got from Cam. Receivers prefer a quarterback who gets them the ball, it's just natural. But which is more important to the success of the team."

"Bring Cam back, but only if he’s 100% healthy. Still love him," another chimed in.

With the Panthers on their bye week, TMZ Sports caught up with Olsen in New York, where Olsen warned, "Don't bet against Cam."

Olsen also appeared on FS1's First Thing First, where he also said he would love to see Newton back under center.

"Kyle (Allen) is doing a great job. That decision will be made once Cam is back and once he's back at practice and feels like himself," Olsen said Thursday. "Because at the end of the day, we want Cam. We don't just want Cam battling through 100 things. We want Cam healthy, on the field so he can play."

Newton started the first two games of the 2019 season, even though he was injured during the preseason. The Panthers lost both games, but have won every game so far with Allen as quarterback.

Newton is expected to be practicing with the team next week. Panthers head coach Ron Rivera said Newton will not play again until doctors give him the green light.

"The problem with it is, Cam has epitomized what we’ve asked of him being a captain. He’s been there in support of his teammates, he’s been around," Rivera said. "When we met, when we first got together and talked about this, we told him, ‘Hey, we’re not going to put pressure on you. We’re going to hold tight, hold the fort down, and our guys will play.’ So, until he’s 100 percent, until he’s ready to roll, we’re not going to address it."

Olsen has been thought injuries himself, and has not played in all 16 games of a season since 2016. He has played in all six games this year, picking up 278 yards and two touchdowns, with 22 receptions.


The Panthers' next game is on Oct. 27, on the road against the still-undefeated San Francisco 49ers.

Photo credit: David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images