New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees to Wear Splint on Thumb When He Returns From Injury

Drew Brees will return to the New Orleans Saints in a few weeks from his thumb injury, and will have extra protection when he's on the field. The star quarterback recently made an appearance on WWL Radio in New Orleans and said he will have to wear a splint when back on the field with his teammates. “I’m gonna have to play with a splint. That’s doctor’s orders," he said, going on to explain how he will be able to play with the splint.

“The splint just basically goes on the outside of the thumb,” Brees said. “I’m gonna have to tape it on there. It protects the joint to a degree because it does take a while for that ligament to actually heal. So basically while it’s healing, it has that internal brace which was sewed… back into my thumb along with the ligament. And then I’ve got this splint that sits on the outside of my thumb that I have to tape on that’s supposed to provide a little bit of protection as well.”

Brees injured the thumb in Week Two against the Los Angeles Rams. He had surgery on the thumb in L.A. a few days later and he's scheduled to miss six weeks. So far, the Saints have been playing well without him, winning the last four games with Teddy Bridgewater as the starting quarterback. Brees recently talked about how happy he is with the performance of his team.

"I'm extremely proud," Brees said. "I've had a chance to sit back [and watch] from a different perspective than I've ever been in and really watch the team grow and be strengthened from within."


But when will Brees return? There have been reports of him returning next week when the team faces the Arizona Cardinals. Brees hasn't said when he'll be back, but he's now able to throw actual football instead of the Nerf brand.

“I’ve graduated to the NFL ball,” Brees said. “I have a really kind of disciplined plan for what I need to do for strength and flexibility and then my throwing and all that stuff. So really starting to get back into it, doing football stuff, and just trying to get back as quick as I can.”