New Hampshire High School Football Players Suspended for Beating, Killing Duck

Several high school football players from New Hampshire have been suspended for beating and duck and then killing it. A news station in New Hampshire, WMUR, was able to obtain a video that shows players beating a duck with a broomstick and then strangling it to death. The incident took place at a football camp in Moultonborough, New Hampshire and the coaches weren't notified until a few days later.

"The heinous activity of a duck being hit over the head with a broomstick is what ended up happening," Superintendent Kevin Richard told WMUR. "And then another student ended up euthanizing the duck. It was hurt pretty badly."

Because of this, the Fish and Game department started an investigation and it was determined the teens can't be charged with a crime.

"These students are juveniles, so they cannot be charged with anything," said Fish and Game Maj. David Walsh. "Their parents would be charged, and the fines are small, so suspensions and community service, everyone agreed, would be the effective punishment."

Even though the players weren't charged with a crime, the Fish and Game department sent out a tweet saying they were punished for their actions.

"Regarding the situation with the children who killed the duck, the media were not originally aware of the entire situation. The kids involved did receive substantial consequences, it said. "F&G Law feels the school acted swiftly and appropriately and has been working w/ them from the start."

The fact the teens were only suspended has sparked outrage throughout the country. There is a petition on that is asking for a harsher punishment.


"I’m truly appalled by decisions of Kennett Eagles football team," Taylor Garland said who started the petition. I would like to know what came through your minds when you decided to beat an unsuspecting duck with a broom and then continue to strangle it to “put it out of its misery” you killed an animal. An innocent animal it truly makes my disgusted that you’re ONLY OUT FOR A COUPLE OF GAMES. I truly wonder what made you do this. I am 100% ashamed to walk the same halls as you at school."

Richard said the punishments varied depending on the role of each person in the incident via ABC News. So it looks like we'll never know exactly how severe the punishments were for each football player.