Netflix to Produce Limited Series on Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick will be featured in a limited series, which will be produced by critically [...]

Colin Kaepernick will be featured in a limited series, which will be produced by critically acclaimed director Ava DuVernay. On Monday, Nextflix announced the former 49ers quarterback will be the focus of a six-part series, which will be called Colin in Black & White. The series will look at Kaepernick's high school years as well as the experiences that led to him being a civil rights activist.

"Too often we see race and Black stories portrayed through a white lens," Kaepernick said in a release via ESPN. "We seek to give new perspective to the differing realities that Black people face. We explore the racial conflicts I faced as an adopted Black man in a white community, during my high school years. It's an honor to bring these stories to life in collaboration with Ava for the world to see."

Kaepernick will be the narrator with an actor playing him during his teenage years. Colin in Black & White will be a scripted drama, and the release state has not been set. Kaepernick is an executive producer on the limited series. The news of Kaepernick being part of a Netflix project comes after NFL teams reportedly showing interest in him. Michael Silver of the NFL Network reported multiple teams are showing interest in Kaepernick and could bring him in for a workout when players are allowed to report to team facilities.

"There is some legitimate interest from at least a couple of teams in Colin Kaepernick," Silver said. "Colin Kaepernick, who has not played since 2016, finds himself in the same situation that Cam Newton and Jadeveon Clowney do, which is a team that would be ready to sign him would want to work him out." For the entire 2016 campaign, Kaepernick protested during the national anthem because he was angry with the racial and social injustice going on in the country. He has been a free agent since opting out of his contract in 2017.