NASCAR on FOX Host Clint Bowyer Makes Good on Super Bowl Bet in Hilarious Fashion

Sunday afternoon, NASCAR on Fox commentator Clint Bowyer took part in his weekly pre-race duties [...]

Sunday afternoon, NASCAR on Fox commentator Clint Bowyer took part in his weekly pre-race duties with Jeff Gordon and Chris Myers. However, the recently-retired driver turned heads due to wearing a Tom Brady jersey and holding a recreation of the Lombardi Trophy. This sight stunned many fans considering Bowyer's love of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The reason for this special outfit is that Bowyer was making good on a bet. Prior to Super Bowl LV, he made a wager with former Stewart-Haas teammate Aric Almirola, a Florida native. If the Chiefs won, Almirola would have to do something special before one of the races. If the Buccaneers won, Bowyer would have to do something in the booth. Ultimately, Brady led his team to a 31-9 victory in the Big Game.

"This is not fun," Bowyer said while wearing the No. 12 Brady jersey. Gordon and Myers continued to poke fun at him while mentioning his Chiefs fandom. "A bets a bet, right? So I'm wearing it, Aric! Brady, he beat us. Fair and square, he beat us."

Bowyer then talked about the infamous boat-to-boat pass involving Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski. He said that the veteran quarterback has won so many Lombardi Trophies that he just tosses them around. To illustrate his point, Bowyer threw his fake trophy, and it smashed into several pieces on pit road.

"Clint is what we need so much new energy," one Twitter user commented. Multiple others weighed in to discuss Bowyer's toss. Several said that they loved the salty version of the NASCAR driver and that he made the broadcast better.

This bet with Almirola is not the first made by Bowyer. He also did so prior to Super Bowl LIV, agreeing to a wager with fellow Fox commentator Jeff Gordon. The two had similar stakes involving making each other wear jerseys of the opposing team. The Chiefs defeated the 49ers 31-20, and Gordon headed to the booth in a No. 24 Chiefs jersey.

"This is hard to wear right now," Gordon said. "I'm a diehard 49ers fan, no matter what Larry Mac [McReynolds] said. I have been for a long time, but a bet is a bet. Here I am, Clint Bowyer!" The future Fox commentator may have been preparing for a race at the time, but he took part in an interview and welcomed Gordon to the Chiefs Kingdom.