NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Wife Amy Welcome Second Daughter

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. family just got bigger. On Thursday, Earnhardt released the latest episode [...]

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. family just got bigger. On Thursday, Earnhardt released the latest episode of his podcast, The Dale Jr. Download and announced he and his wife Amy welcomed a baby girl on Monday, Oct. 12. It's the second child for the couple as they are parents to 2-year old Isla Rose.

"We got a new addition," Earnhardt Jr. proudly said on the podcast as reported by PEOPLE. "... It is awesome. Amy had a pretty good pregnancy, and she said it felt like it was a long one because of COVID and all that, but we ain't gonna complain because we got a healthy little baby girl." Earnhardt then announced the name of the baby girl is Nicole Lorraine. Nicole comes from Amy's middle name while Lorraine comes from Earnhardt's mom's middle name. He then added they had a "smooth" transition since coming home and Nicole was "extremely quiet" on her first day.

Back in March, Earnhardt and Amy announced they were expecting a second child. Technically, it was Isla who announced the news with the help of Amy via Instagram and then told Earnhardt. In April, Earnhardt surprised Amy with the baby gender reveal. "She got to surprise me with the pregnancy, so I get to surprise her with the news!" the two-time Daytona 500 winner said in the video he recently shared on Instagram. "I'm so excited!"

"I'm looking forward to going through that role process again and to have another human in our house," Earnhardt said, on his podcast earlier this year "The first two years with Isla have been incredible, and I can't wait for that experience all over again and to see them two together, interact with each other, will just be so much fun." One of the challenging things the couple had to deal with is having a baby during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We're delivering in October but imagine expecting and delivering around this time," Earnhardt said on TODAY back in April. "A lot of these women are having to change the game up a little bit and not experience this process the way they hoped. That's got to be very tough and frustrating. My heart goes out to them." Earnhardt, 46, is retired from racing full-time. His last race was back in March when he finished 5th in the Hooters 250, an Xfinity Series race.