MLB Investigating Former Twins Pitcher Sam Dyson Over Alleged Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse Incidents

Former Minnesota Twins pitcher Sam Dyson could be in trouble with Major League baseball due to domestic violence allegations. According to the Athletic via Yahoo Sports, the MLB is investigating domestic violence and animal abuse. This stems from Dyson's now ex-girlfriend Alexis Blackburn sharing two Instagram posts that allude to him allegedly abusing her and her cat.

"I am broken though. I've allowed my physical health, my emotional health, and my mental health to diminish to nothing. I've allowed more things to happen than I want to admit. I don't know who this girl is right now because this hasn't been me. I haven't been me in so long. I've allowed myself to use the word "sorry" in every conversation whether I did something wrong or not. I've allowed myself to ignore red flags and bad in people because I loved them," Blackburn said in the first post.

"Weak people don't seek help. Weak people make excuses for their behavior. Weak people bully others. Weak people blame others for their own insecurities. So for those who think I am weak and not good enough, you are correct. The old me was weak because I couldn't stand up for myself because if I did I was "opinionated." I lost my voice somewhere along the way, but I was always "good enough." I was always beautiful. I was always willing to "fix" myself to be perfect. Then I had to tell myself perfection doesn't exist."

The second post shows a picture of her cat Snuckles on top of a cardboard playhouse. Blackburn writes the post as Snuckles and she shows the playhouse destroyed in the second photo.

"No one deserves to have their trust broken, but to have your trust broken and not understand why is the hardest thing to grasp at this point. Mom has put up with a lot and some people won't believe her and that's okay," Blackburn wrote.


Dyson was traded to the Twins from the San Francisco Giants back in July. He pitched in 12 games before undergoing surgery on his right shoulder to end his season. He is currently a free agent.

The 31-year old made his major league debut in 2012 and has spent time with the Toronto Blue Jays, Miami Marlins and the Texas Rangers before joining the Giants and Twins.