'Miz & Mrs': Maryse Reveals Her Passion Project in Exclusive Clip

The final episode of the year for Miz & Mrs. airs Thursday night, and fans will see Maryse working [...]

The final episode of the year for Miz & Mrs. airs Thursday night, and fans will see Maryse working on a new project. The former WWE Superstar is working her way to becoming a beauty entrepreneur and has joined forces with Volition. In the clip, Maryse is seen trying to get the perfect mix for the moisturizer and puts the product on her mother. When Mike "The Miz" Mizanin comes into the kitchen to see what's going on, he's very surprised, to say the least.

Maryse said Volition has already launched products all around the world, "and I'm very passionate about it." She wanted to try it on her mom because she's getting ready for a big presentation. Maryse is looking to create a Yaupon Tea Glow-Awakening Moisturizer inspired by her love for Yaupon tea.

"When you walk into my house, you never know what's going to happen on a daily basis," Mike said. The second season of Miz & Mrs. began airing on Jan. 29. Six episodes aired before the show took a hiatus. The season resumed in November, and there will be another break before another set of new episodes begin airing in March.

"There is a lot of shenanigans, a lot of funny and a lot of drama," Mike told PopCulture.com in November. "But I feel like our drama is more funny-based rather than dramatic-based." Season 2 of Miz & Mrs. saw Mike and Maryse welcome their second child, Madison. Maryse said having two young kids makes things more challenging.

"With the second [child], you know what to do with a kid," Maryse said to PopCulture. "But it's harder because we don't sleep. For me, the anxiety of trying to work and do everything that I do with taking care of my kids because I want to be good at everything. I want to be the perfect mom. I want to be great with everything that I do in my entertainment business." Miz & Mrs. began airing in 2018 and takes a look at the life of Mike and Maryse. Mike is one of the top Superstars in WWE becoming the 14th Grand Slam Champion in the company's history. Maryse was also a Superstar before the couple started a family and is a two-time Divas Champion.