Mike Leach Hits Bellyflop During Team Outing at Pool

Mike Leach continues to win at college football. He may not have any national championships under his belt, but he's undefeated off the field as he pulled off a strong bellyflop dive during a team get-together.

Other players did their version of the bellyflop, but the Washington State head coach received the most praise for his dive.

What Leach did is not a surprise to people who cover him on a regular basis. This past weekend, the 58-year-old shared his thoughts on cargo shorts.

"You always have pockets," Leach said about his cargo shorts of choice, on video captured by Theo Lawson of The Spokesman-Review via 247Sports. "I don't understand those nylon shorts. You know, you jog around and your stuff flaps all over the place. You know I've never liked those."

Leach was then asked how many cargo shorts he owns.

"Uh, difficult to say," Leach said. "Because now it's gotten to where they'll give them to me, or Nike will say 'Hey, check these ones out' type of thing."

One of the hot topics in college football is expanding the College Football Playoff. Leach is a big supporter of this as he wants 16 teams to play for the right to be called national champion.

"I think they need to expand the playoff system, Leach said on the "Les is More" podcast via SportsDay.com. "I think the minimum should be 16 teams, but they could easily go with more than that ... in other words, I want to see more football. Everybody from rec league softball on down can figure out how to put together a tournament and yet Division I can't."


It's very unlikely the CFP will expand to 16 teams, but it's likely an expansion is coming which could lead to a possible playoff appearance for Leach in the near future.

Despite being very animated, Leach is one of the best coaches in the game. From 2000-2009 the BYU alum was the head coach at Texas Tech and posted an 84-43 record. Leach was fired by the Red Raiders after the 2009 season and he joined Washington State in 2012. He has won 49 games in seven seasons and he's coming off an 11-2 record in 2018.