Mike Fisher's Alter-Ego Rut Daniels Goes Duck Hunting in Hilarious New Clip

Former Nashville Predators star Mike Fisher has provided entertainment for fans in recent months with his Instagram alter ego, Rut Daniels. The former "Olympian" has become a social media sensation while fishing, hunting and attending hockey games. Now he has shown how to "properly" go duck hunting.

Fisher released a video on social media that showed off Daniels in his natural habitat. He had on his blonde wig, tinted shooting glasses, fingerless gloves, and fanny pack. The first portion of the clip featured Daniels struggling to get a chainsaw started before setting up fake ducks. He used the chainsaw on some underbrush and then celebrated by yelling "timber" and pushing up his glasses.

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"Now listen here, old hat, I need you to bring in your buddies," Daniels said while poking the fake duck. "Everybody, do your jobs, we'll live it up. Let's go!" He then popped out of the brush in the daylight and shot a duck. Daniels also tried to "procure" a goose in an unconventional manner. He didn't use a gun; he simply took off running.

After a successful hunt, Fisher sat back with his birds laid out in front of him. He held a bird in his hand and proceeded to tell stories about his friend, Vinny, who got hitched to a girl in the '80s. Vinny is a recurring character on Daniels' profile, albeit in name only.

The retired NHL star in Fisher has dedicated considerable time to Daniels over the past year, filming a multitude of videos. Some feature his character out on the water and trying to catch fish with a bow while others show off his grilling acumen. While the videos vary in length, there are several factors that remain with each one. Specifically, Daniels also has on some form of camouflage top, which he pairs with denim jeans, a Catchin' Deers hat, and the tinted shooting glasses.


Along with his iconic outfit, the Daniels character also features a number of mannerisms. He is very frantic and constantly shifts his body around, using motion to deliver his messages. Additionally, Daniels loves telling random puns, which he accentuates with a chuckle before pushing his glasses up on his nose.

Daniels may be a unique character, but he is also mindful of ongoing public health issues. He remembers to wear a face mask when heading to the hunting store. "Every time I come through these doors, they ask me about symptoms. I don't have any symptoms, but I know four guys that had buck fever real bad," he said in one clip while pointing at a hunting photo.