Michael Strahan and Ex-Wife Jean Settle Custody Battle, Abuse Allegations

Reports surfaced in March that Michael Strahan was seeking full custody of his two children, Sophia and Isabella, and that his ex-wife was emotionally and physically abusive to the children. Now the claims against Jean Muggli have been dismissed. The exes have also settled their custody battle.

According to Page Six, the abuse claims were dismissed on Oct. 13. In his North Carolina case, Strahan had claimed that Jean was physically and emotionally abusive toward the teens, had failed to bring them to court-ordered therapy sessions, and let them miss volleyball games and horseback-riding events. The court agreement says that the claims were dismissed with prejudice and that they can't be pursued legally anymore. Although a source close to Strahan said that the dismissal only came after Jean "agreed to all terms" proposed by the former NFL star.

In addition to the dismissed abuse claims, the exes settled on a shared custody arrangement. They will now split custody of the two daughters in New York City. Strahan lives on the Upper West Side. Jean, who had been living in North Carolina with the teens, agreed to get an Upper West Side apartment. Having both parents in the city will allow the twins to attend their Manhattan private schools. The court documents show that Sophia and Isabella will remain in New York City until they finish high school. They will alternate weeks living with Stahan and Jean.

While the custody battle is no longer an issue, Strahan and Jean are still reportedly dealing with issues surrounding child support payments. Jean previously brought a case against her ex-husband in 2019, saying that he owes her cost-of-living adjustments and that his payments should increase. This case is still not settled, while sources close to each party are telling very different stories.


"He continues to not pay child support more than a year after [Jean filed] the case. He agrees there is additional money owed but refuses to pay it," the source from Jean’s side said, per Page Six. A source on Strahan's side disputed the claim and said that Jean "refuses to accept payment on those [child support] adjustments unless Michael agrees to modify the terms of the New Jersey Divorce Decree and continue support payments for many years after the children reach adulthood."

Jean's side has reportedly countered by saying that New Jersey law allows for child support payments to continue until children are age 19. Additionally, the source from Jean's side said that payments can be extended until the children graduate college.