Michael Strahan Dishes on His Low-Key 49th Birthday Celebration

Good Morning America host Michael Strahan finished another trip around the sun on Saturday by turning 49 years old. He chose to celebrate his birthday in a manner that many fans did not expect. The NFL Hall of Famer enjoyed a low-key night at home, complete with special treats.

Strahan posted a photo on Instagram that showed him holding a heart-shaped pizza. He revealed that his birthday meals consisted of pizza, wings and his mother's special yellow chocolate cake. Strahan then capped off the night with a movie at home but didn't reveal the title. Instead of heading out to the club or inviting over several friends, he opted to go to bed early.

"Happy belated birthday man!" actor Terry Crews wrote in response to the pizza photo. Several other people weighed in and sent their well-wishes. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson simply added a message about the food. "I see you for the [heart emoji] [pizza emoji] I sent you. Happy Birthday, brotha," Johnson wrote.

Strahan may be a former professional football player that remains in tip-top shape, but he has also shown that he loves some unhealthy food. One example is a recent trip to Los Angeles. The Hall of Famer made a special stop at Dave's Hot Chicken for some spicy bird, which he called "always perfect and amazing."

Similarly, Strahan also showed off his sweet tooth when he and one of his daughters took his dog, Enzo, out for a walk. They strolled around, enjoying the outdoors but made an important pit stop. The father-daughter duo picked up some ice cream to finish off the walk. "Walking Enzo has us in need for some dessert! [laughing emoji] How can you walk past an ice cream store and not get anything??" Strahan asked on Instagram.


Of course, the former NFL player regularly eats healthy meals, which he showcases on social media. One dinner option is grilled steak with sautéed portobello mushrooms and brussels sprouts. Another is a variety of kebobs featuring loads of vegetables and shrimp.

In addition to enjoying delicious foods — healthy or not — Strahan has found time to take a trip down memory lane. He recently posted a video that showed him during his playing days, as well as his on-field persona. The brief clip featured Strahan talking trash to members of the Philadelphia Eagles offense before he sacked quarterback Donovan McNabb. He continued chirping at the former Syracuse star before heading back to the defensive side of the ball. Strahan captioned the post by saying that he "loved talking s— and backing it up."