Michael Strahan's Child Support Dispute Sparks Heated Reaction From Onlookers

Hall of Fame defensive end and current co-host of Good Morning America, Michael Strahan, is in the middle of a dispute with his ex-wife concerning child support payments as well as avoiding equestrian payments. Strahan allegedly owes Jean $500,000 but he has denied the claims, which has led to some interesting reactions from onlookers.

On the PopCulture.com Facebook page, many people have weighed in on the issue. One person said, "He isn't underpaying per the court agreement. He's underpaying based on her idea of what she wants based on his new jobs. The girls live in rural NC and go to public school. Nothing costs that much."

Another fan said, "Seriously $18,000 a month? That is half of a lot of people's yearly salaries. I think this needs to be put into perspective."

More fans weighed on the issue with one saying "You see Michael on many different TV shows either hosting or being a guest. I'm sure he make enough money to pay his child support. They're getting older so the child support will probably end soon so she wants to get more money before that happens."

Another person said, "I think she just money hungry. He does a lot for his daughters and takes good care of them. Some people just hate to see you happy and getting on with your life."

This fan wants Strahan to take action. The fan said "People are not what they seem, he needs to grow up and do what is right towards the daughters he claims to love. Love is an action word, not a do-nothing word. Man up."

Strahan and Jean married in 1999 but they got divorced in 2006. They have twin daughters who were born in 2004 and at the time of the divorce, Jean was awarded $15.3 million and the judge ordered Strahan to pay $18,000 a month for child support. When Strahan retired from the NFL in 2008, the child support payment was reduced to $13,000 a month, but Jean is now asking for the payments to increase because of his work on Good Morning America. She now requesting $18,378 per month.


Strahan played for the New York Giants from 1993-2007. Along with winning the Super Bowl in his final NFL season, Strahan was named to the Pro Bowl seven times and to the All-Pro team six times. He recorded 141.5 sacks in his career and he holds the record for most sacks in a season with 22.5.