Matthew Stafford's Wife Kelly Shares Update 2 Months After 'Scariest Day' of Her Life

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, provided another health [...]

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, provided another health update on Instagram Monday, June 17. Stafford is still recovering after undergoing an intense, 12-hour surgery in April to remove a brain tumor. She called the day of the surgery the "scariest day of my life" in the new post.

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"It's been two months since the scariest day of my life. Im gonna keep it short and just thank you again for all the prayers. I am doing amazing," she wrote alongside a gallery of family photos with Matthew and their children. "There are things that will never be the same, but they are things that with each day, I notice less and less. My new norms are now...just my norms."

The 29-year-old went on to thank fans for their support.

"So thank you again. I am getting back to my life and enjoying my husband's offseason with him, our little ones and my entire family here in Atlanta. Thank you," she wrote, adding the hashtags "cups crew," "Stafford strong" and "acoustic neuroma warrior."

Stafford announced she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April and had surgery just days later. The surgery was a success, but she briefly went back to the hospital for follow-up treatments.

Last month, Stafford opened up about feeling insecure after the surgery because she has a "weakness" on her right side.

"I have to wait 6 -12 months to know whether this will be permanent or not. This is a VERY GOOD result from surgery," Stafford told her fans. "It's just a 'slight difference' in a face you've been staring at for 29 years can be a big difference to you."

Stafford said she feels the weakness whenever she tries to kiss Matthew or their three daughters, 2-year-old twins Sawyer and Chandler, and 10-month-old Hunter Hope.

"For anyone going through any type of facial weakness, just know you are not alone and if I find anything that helps, I will for sure share," Stafford wrote on Instagram at the time. "On another note, my balance is improving every day and my good days are greatly outnumbering my bad. Im getting back into my routine and it feels so good. I'm beyond thankful for that and in the end, I know getting back to myself on the inside is all that really matters."

In an interview with the Toronto Sun on June 6, Matthew gave a positive update on his wife's condition.

"She's okay. Doing good," Matthew said of Stafford. "Obviously been through a lot in the last couple of months, but she's tough and doing a great job of doing everything she can to recover, and still take care of the kids and do all that. So she's been great."

Matthew said their twins are not completely aware of what's going on, which is "for the better."

"They're still running around crazy, doing all that, giving everybody a hard time," Matthew said. "So it's still all-hands-on-deck."

Stafford and Matthew married in 2015. Matthew and the Lions kick off the season on Sept. 8 against the Arizona Cardinals.

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