Matt Ryan Details 'Nervous' Experience Filming Commercials With 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and Ice-T (Exclusive)

Matt Ryan has put together a very strong NFL career. And because of that, he's one of the 10 NFL stars taking part in Tide's "Turn To Cold" campaign and is featured in a new commercial with WWE Hall of Fame "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and rap legend/actor Ice-T. recently caught up with the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, who was asked if he ever thought he would be in a commercial with two legendary entertainers. 

"No. No. No way, man," Ryan told PopCulture. "I watched these guys growing up and I was nervous. The morning of the shoot, I'm like, 'This is crazy man. I'm going to be hanging out with these guys today,' and they couldn't have been nicer. They were a ton of fun to be around. Great guys but if you would have told me when I was 14 that I'd be doing that I would have told you you were crazy, there's no way."

The commercial that features Ryan, Austin and Ice-T promotes the "Turn to Cold" campaign, which is an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help consumers save money by washing clothes in cold water. Ryan and Austin are in another Tide commercial promoting the exclusive Tide Cold Washer Machine which feature's Ryan's voice. 

"It was strange, man," Ryan said when asked about his voice being featured in a washer machine, which fans can win. "I didn't really know it was going to go in that direction but it'll be cool. Some fan is going to find that really fun and cool and it's unique. There's a bunch of other NFL greats that are doing it for different fan bases across the league and I'm happy to be a part of it for Falcons fans."


And while Ryan's productive career could be a reason why he filmed a commercial with Austin and Ice-T, the 2016 NFL MVP revealed the real reason it happened. "I have this nickname 'Matty Ice' and they were looking for guys with nicknames that had the idea of 'cold' in them and I got to shoot a commercial with Stone Cold Steve Austin which was awesome and Ice-T. But luckily I had that nickname and it worked out but when they told me about what they were doing in terms of promoting people to switch to cold water washing with Tide. ...I felt like it was a no-brainer."