LSU QB Joe Burrow's Explicit Message on His Cap Sends Fans Reeling

Following his team's win at the National Championship game, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow celebrated in pure style. Although, his method of celebrating, complete with an NSFW hat, may have ruffled a few feathers online.

After the game, which saw him throwing for 463 yards and scoring six touchdowns, Burrow was spotted smoking a cigar and holding a purple baseball cap that read, "Big D— Joe." And while many had something to say about his bold hat choice, there were others who said that the quarterback should be able to celebrate how he pleases.

"He can wear any hat he wants, he’s a true winner and has helped so many people!" one commenter wrote.

"He just won a championship he can wear whatever hat he wants..." another user wrote on Facebook.

"He’s a kid, athletes on that level are inherently cocky," yet another user commented. "Nothing new, who cares. They played a lights out game and deserve the bragging rights."

Even though there were some who didn't take any stock in Burrow's explicit hat, others expressed that it wasn't exactly the classiest move to have the item.

"Good NFL material. Very classy," a user wrote, and added an eye roll emoji.

"Somebody needs to knock him off his high horse...very arrogant!" one user, who wasn't on board with the "Big D— Joe" hat.

One fan even went so far as to explain why they thought that holding the hat wasn't a good look.

"It’s true he can do as he pleases but he still represents his family, his school, his team and himself!" they wrote. "Kids are watching [and] now he has a responsibility to remember that fact! He’s a great QB [and] seems like a good kid but obviously he’s still got some maturing to do!"


Fans may have differing opinions on Burrow's post-game wear, but the maker of the "Big D— Joe" hat, Old Row, certainly loved that the quarterback rocked the look. The brand took to Instagram after the National Championship game to show off the hat, and to sing Burrow's praises.

"Last night, Joe Burrow wore our BIG D— JOE hat in the locker room while blasting a victory cigar. LEGEND," they wrote, captioning multiple photos of the quarterback and even more Old Row gear. They also included a link to purchase the hat, so that fans can capture a little bit of Burrow's magic, if they wish.