Louis Nix: Former Notre Dame Defender Reported Missing

Louis Nix, a former defensive lineman for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, has been reported missing. Police have been searching for him after his mother filed a report on Friday. Nix has reportedly been missing since Wednesday.

According to Sports Illustrated, Nix suddenly stopped communicating with his mother on Tuesday. He left his father's house in Jacksonville and hasn't been seen since. His mother said that she doesn't believe her son had any enemies. Though she said that Nix had been hesitant to leave his house and that he had been watching his surroundings.

"NOTRE DAME Nation: Let's all do our best to reach out and connect with Louis Nix. Louis, let us know you are doing alright or that you may need your NOTRE DAME family and friends for assistance," Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly tweeted on Saturday.

Nix was shot in the chest in Jacksonville in December 2020. According to TMZ, police in Jacksonville, Florida, say they responded to a gunfire call and found Nix lying on the ground. Nix was rushed to the hospital, and the doctor told him he appeared to be a victim of an attempted robbery.

Nix provided news about the incident by going live on social media. "I just got shot," he said. "I was putting air in my tires. If I don't make it, I really do love everybody. I can't contact nobody right now. I love ya'll, man. If I don't make it, this is the only way I can tell all my family members. My phone is about to die."

He then provided another update on Wednesday morning, detailing his injury. "I'm alive everyone," Nix tweeted on Dec. 9. "The bullet that hit me ricocheted off my sternum into my lung. Surgery is the next step so keep praying for me. Thank you all for the positive energy and prayers."

According to The Athletic, Nix played for Notre Dame from 2010 to 2013 and helped the team reach the national championship in 2012. He registered 122 tackles during his career, including 14 tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks. The Houston Texans selected him in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft.


Nix did not play for the Texans. He underwent two knee surgeries and saw his time in Texas come to an end after only one season. He finished his NFL career with practice squad stints in New York, Jacksonville, and Washington.