Logan Paul Suffers Serious Knee Injury at WWE Crown Jewel

Logan Paul had a strong performance against Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel, but it came with a big price. After the match, the 27-year-old media personality went two Twitter to announce he suffered a torn MCL and possibly a torn ACL while battling the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Paul lost the match but received a ton of praise for going toe-to-toe with Reigns in only his third career professional wrestling match. 

One of the most notable moves Paul did in the match was jumping from the top rope onto Reigns while taking a video with a cell phone in his left hand. With the injury, Paul will be out of action for a while, but it looks like he has a bright future with WWE. 

"I wouldn't put him in the main event of a massive international event that's gonna have 60, 70 thousand people there or whatever if I thought he couldn't handle it, and certainly he had to prove that to me," Paul "Triple H" Levesque, a WWE Hall of Famer who is the company's chief content officer, recently told ESPN. "He had to prove that to everybody. He had to prove that to the world, right? To everybody on this team. He's done that, right?"  

Paul made his professional wrestling debut at WrestleMania 38 and teamed up with The Miz to beat Rey and Dominik Mysterio. His second match came at SummerSlam where he defeated The Miz in a singles match. "He was with The Miz. Being in the ring with me is a little different," Reigns said to ESPN. "Being in a championship main event matchup, it's gonna be a little different. The intensity's gonna be different and then the expectations as he continues to grow in this part of his career are going to grow as well."

Before making his WWE debut, Paul competed in a couple of professional boxing matches and took on Floyd Mayweather Jr. But as much fun as he has in the boxing ring, WWE could be his calling. "I like professional wrestling and I'm kind of good at it, so I figured I'd lean into it 'cause I have fun," Paul said. "I feel pretty comfortable in the ring as is, but after I saw the response from WrestleMania — my friends, people that were close to me, people that I trust with their opinions and have been kind of guiding my career — came up to me and they're like, 'Hey dude, this is you.'"