Lebron James Reveals Son Bronny Looks Identical to Him in Dunk Comparison Photo: 'Like Father Like Son'

LeBron James is playing at an MVP level in the early stages of the 2019-2020 season and if it looks like his son, Bronny, is on his way to being one of the best high school players in the nation if he isn't already. On Instagram, James shared a side-by-side photo of him and Bronny dunking and they look exactly the same. And in the caption, James was clearly proud of him by saying "Like Father, like son."

"It’s My Job to pass along to Blueprint so it allows him(his brother and sister) to Rumble Young Man/Woman Rumble! Heir to the Throne. [LikeFatherLikeSon] [ThekidsfromAKRON] [JamesGang] [bronny]," James wrote on Twitter.

A lot of James' fans had a lot to say in his comments section. One fan wrote, "I said it first.....the prince is coming and he doesn't know what's under that hood but when he does (watch out world)."

Another fan absolutely loved the photo, but the caption could use some work. The fan wrote, "Not gon hold you. Pic wayyyy too fire to have this weak caption bro."

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This fan feels like pictures like these are a reason parents need to be role models. The Instagram user wrote, "This is proof that kids really watch their parents. Even more reason to act accordingly around them and lead by example."

And this fan had a little fun with James after looking at the photo. The fan wrote, "He’s up a little higher than you King! Hahaha. Love to you n your family. It’s awesome you share your family with the world. People need to know what real family n real parenting look like these days. So much trauma n disfunction. People are lost."

Bronny (LeBron James, Jr.) plays high school basketball at Sierra Canyon High School in Santa Monica, California." According to 247Sports, the 15-year old has gotten one offer to play college basketball so far and the offer came from the Kentucky Wildcats. During the summer James talked about what his son will bring to the table for his team.


“Expect a kid that will play for his teammates,” James tweeted in response to a story written by MaxPreps. “Will work hard, pay his dues and when his number is called he’ll make mistakes like any kid but will be ready and coached very well. Someone who doesn’t care about rankings cause the only thing that matters is his team success.”

It looks like Bronny is on his way to big things. And if he continues the upward trend, he could be like his father and have a legendary NBA career.