Kurt Angle Reacts to Big Show Leaving WWE

Paul Wight, who formerly wrestled as Big Show with WWE, joined the rival All Elite Wrestling in [...]

Paul Wight, who formerly wrestled as Big Show with WWE, joined the rival All Elite Wrestling in late February. This end to his 22-year career with Vince McMahon's company caught many people by surprise, including fellow performers. Kurt Angle, in particular, had a strong reaction.

The conversation took place during the latest episode of the Kurt Angle Show. The longtime wrestler talked about how the move took him by surprise and that he had expected Wight to stick around in WWE. Though Angle also said that he understood the decision to leave due to more recent events in professional wrestling.

"Yes, I always thought that Paul would be with WWE for the rest of his life," Angle said. "They treat him really well, they did a lot for Big Show. When he quit and went to become a boxer, he lost a bunch of money. And Vince [McMahon] helped him out a little bit and got him back in the game. There are a lot of things that occurred where Vince showed his loyalty to Big Show."

Angle continued and said that he thought the now-canceled Big Show Show was a WWE production. He wasn't sure if the sitcom was exclusively Netflix or if it was a WWE product. Angle explained that he thought the Big Show Show meant that the wrestler would remain with the company for the rest of his life.

"Big Show probably felt a little bit underappreciated the last couple of years," Angle said. "They've humbled him quite a bit, had him job out here and there, and tuck his tail between his legs and walk away. I understand why he was frustrated, but I thought he would be with the company forever. You know what? If he's happy, I'm happy."

AEW originally explained the decision to add Wight by highlighting the veteran's long list of skills. Tony Kahn CEO, GM and head of creative of AEW, said that Wight could help mentor the younger performers while also providing standout commentary. Though Kahn specifically mentioned that Wight would ultimately return to the ring.

"Paul Wight is one of the most recognizable and impressive professional athletes in the world," he said. "He wanted to come to AEW because he believes that we're the best promotion in wrestling, and we believe that he has a lot to offer us, both in the ring as a wrestler, and also outside the ring as a commentator, host and ambassador for AEW."