WWE's Kofi Kingston Wears Face Mask, Gets Vitamin C Treatment in Attempt to Prevent Coronavirus

Kofi Kingston is making sure he stays healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, the former WWE Champion went to Instagram to post a video of him wearing a face mask and getting vitamin C injected into his body. Kingston was getting the treatment to help build his immune system.

"Getting my first intravenous drip today!" Kingston wrote. A high dose vitamin C to help the body with immunity, healing and detoxifying power. Stay safe y'all!" Kingston also wrote, "Just to clarify, this is a preventative measure..." as he's letting his fans know that he's not sick. However, he wants to make sure that if anything does happen to him, he will be able to fight the virus.

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Kingston was slated to team up with Big E and face the Usos and Miz and Morrison for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in a ladder match at WrestleMania this weekend. Plans may have changed due to the Miz reportedly being sick, which has led to the match being changed to one of the Usos vs. John Morrison for the titles, according to WrestlingNews.co. This is one of the few changes for WrestleMania. The show reportedly was taped last week, and the biggest move was replacing Roman Reigns who took himself out of the match against Bill Goldberg for the Universal Championship. Reigns confirmed the news this week, and he explained why he made the move.

"You already know what's going on, it's all over the news, the dirtsheets, whatever you wanna call them that I pulled out of WrestleMania. It's funny because for years, people were like 'don't show up to WrestleMania, we don't want you in it.' There was a handful of dudes and haters that didn't want me there but the moment I make a choice for me and my family, [I'm called] a coward, a sissy."

"You don't know the whole story, all you know is what you think. You don't know what else is going on in my life. You don't know if I have newborns, you don't know if I have family in my household, older family."


Kingston is one of the most accomplished performers on the WWE roster. Along with winning the WWE Championship last year, Kingston has won the Intercontinental title four times, he has held the U.S. title three times and he's a nine-time tag team champion.