Kevin Garnett's 'Uncut Gems' Celtics Jersey up for Auction

NBA fans now have a chance to own Kevin Garnett's Boston Celtics jersey from the hit film Uncut [...]

NBA fans now have a chance to own Kevin Garnett's Boston Celtics jersey from the hit film Uncut Gems, which also stars Adam Sandler. According to Variety, A24, the company that produced Uncut Gems, have put up the Garnett jersey and other props from its films for auction to offer help to those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. A24 is also auctioning off props from other films such as The Lighthouse, Eighth Grade and Midsommar.

"As a company founded and based in New York City, we want to give back to the city as it weathers the COVID-19 crisis and begins to rebuild," A24 said in a statement. "That's why 100% of each auction's proceeds will benefit four charities helping New York's hardest-hit communities and frontline workers: FDNY Foundation, Food Bank for New York City, NYC Health + Hospitals, and Queens Community House." Other Uncut Gems props up for auction include the jewel-encrusted Furby from the Safdie brothers, the bat Mitzvah dress worn by Idina Menzel, and a racecar bed.

"I kind of drilled my agent a little bit about what the opportunity was and asked them, 'Why me?'" Garnett said to Entertainment Weekly about getting the role. "To tell you the truth, I tried to talk myself out of it. We had a phone call that we took and the first thing Josh says to me, 'I hate your f—ing guts, man, I'm a Knick fan,' and he just starts going in. I was like, 'First off, get over it.'"

Garnett continued: "The second conversation I think went better than the first, and then it was undeniable after that. It was about how to implement all of this, and I think they did a great job of just capturing all this synergy and wherever they put it, in like bottles, whenever they were serving it, it was just perfect, because everybody who was a part of this project, I can't see it without them in it. So it's not a surprise that this film is doing so well. With the synergy in this, we all knew we [were] a part of something special."

Uncut Gems is set to come out on Netflix in May. When it was released, in December the film received rave reviews, and there were talks of Sandler earning an Academy Award nomination. That didn't happen, but the film was still considered one of the best of 2019.