July 4th: Jay Cutler Goes Solo for Independence Day Following Kristin Cavallari Split

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler no longer has a full house for the holidays following his divorce from Kristin Cavallari, but he enjoyed the start to his Fourth of July. He posted a photo showing him in the middle of the road and enjoying the summer weather. A large mountain and picturesque landscape served as the backdrop and created several conversations on social media.

"Great start. Happy 4th. Let's do this," Cutler wrote on Instagram. Several fans responded by proclaiming that the former Chicago Bears star is still "their quarterback." Others asked where he spent his holiday weekend. The mountain in the background made it appear that Cutler was not in Nashville. He did not specify the location of the photo, but several other fans proclaimed that he was enjoying Aspen, Colorado.

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While Cutler's day started in the middle of the road — according to his Instagram — it did continue in front of a TV screen. He tuned in for the annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. Cutler posted short clips of the event on his Instagram Stories, showing that he was watching Joey Chestnut's record-breaking performance. Cutler even gave a shoutout to George Shea, the longtime MC of the eating competition.

Following the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Cutler headed out on the town to procure a new hat. He wasn't alone for this expedition, much to the delight of Very Cavallari fans. His friend and sidekick, Mark "Chuy" Block was on hand for the outing. The two friends headed to what appeared to be a Western-themed store and tried on large hats in a goofy photo.

This Fourth of July trip came at the perfect time for the former NFL quarterback considering the stressful week in Nashville. Cutler spent a considerable amount of time trying to solve the mystery surrounding his murdered chickens. There were countless theories about the identity of the culprit, including one focused on Bigfoot, and Cutler spent much of the week trying to trap the predator.


After some failed attempts to capture photos of the chicken killer and a knocked-over trap, Cutler finally found success. He "took care" of the problem and revealed that a raccoon was behind the string of fowl murders. Although he did not provide many details about the process. Cutler simply said that the raccoon has family members and that he understood their "desire for revenge."