Jon Bon Jovi Loves Hearing His Songs Played at NFL Stadiums

Each week in NFL stadiums across the nation, the song "Living on a Prayer" by rock group Bon Jovi is played, often when a team is trying to mount a comeback and achieve victory. Despite being released in 1986, this song has not lost relevance and is an anthem at sporting events. Jon Bon Jovi of the titular band is aware of this song's impact, and he will never take it for granted.

Monday morning, Bon Jovi appeared on NFL Network's Good Morning Football to discuss the Salute to Service movement that honors military members. However, he was also asked about the usage of his songs in the middle of NFL games. Is it still cool for the longtime rock singer to hear his music being played?

"Of course it is," Bon Jovi replied. "When you think about the impact that the songs have had for decades – and generations now – it astounds me. It astounds all of the guys in the band."

As he explained, these songs being played helps him and the rest of the band members avoid being the center of "where are they now" discussions. Yes, Bon Jovi is a Hall of Fame singer, but these songs still keep him relevant. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that he is still playing and selling out stadiums.

Bon Jovi has long been a popular figure at NFL games. He is a fan of the league and has proclaimed that it is his very favorite. It's a common sight to see Bon Jovi in the luxury box with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Additionally, the singer once tried to become an NFL owner. Bon Jovi set out to purchase the Buffalo Bills back in 2014. However, this quest failed due to the "evil genius" of Donald Trump, as Bon Jovi worded the explanation.

"It's genius what he did because he was taking out a serious candidate to buy the team and then hope that he would get it at a bargain price," Bon Jovi told Howard Stern in 2018. "But we were as real as real got and, you know, I'm brokenhearted because I would have loved it and what we would've done in Western New York.

"And people don't realize, I was really gonna get a house there, I was going to move there, I was really, seriously, changing my life."


As he explained, music would have become more of a hobby for Bon Jovi. However, that situation did not pan out as expected, and he is now enjoying NFL games from his home or from luxury boxes.

(Photo Credit: Alexandre Schneider/Getty)