Joe Burrow: Here's Where LSU's QB Got His Now-Infamous 'Big D— Joe' Hat

Last night, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow lead the team to victory against Clemson. While soaking up the victory in the locker room afterward, where he lit up a cigar and was sporting a "Big D– Joe" baseball cap. While fans definitely had thoughts on his post-game wardrobe, the maker of the hat, Old Row, pointed out their product in an Instagram post earlier today.

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"Last night, Joe Burrow wore our BIG D– JOE hat in the locker room while blasting a victory cigar. LEGEND," the company wrote in the caption. They added, "TAP TO BUY THAT HAT," which you can do here if you're so inclined.

Along with the head-turning cap, Burrow also cemented his legacy as an all-time legend in the NCAA, throwing 463 yards and scoring six total touchdowns during Monday night's game. He also took the time to entertain football fans by pointing to his ring finger after scoring the touchdown to clinch the win.

It marks the end of a historic season for Burrow, which includes not only the National Championship, but the fact he became one of the few players to win a Heisman Trophy, secure an undefeated season, and also win the biggest game of the college football season. And all this while throwing 60 touchdowns, an FBS-record.

Though is college career is over, Burrow is expected to land with the Cincinnati Bengals as the first overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft. Their head coach Zac Taylor is in need of a player with the physical ability to lead this team, with many expecting the LSU QB to be given that task.

If this ends up being the case, the slogan could become even more popular.


Over the weekend, Burrow addressed the big showdown with Clemson, via 247Sports.

"Yeah, I think that's how it's supposed to be in the national championship game, the two best," Burrow said. "That's what we've wanted all year, is to play the best. We've played a lot of really good teams. Clemson is obviously the best. They've made it this far. I think we're going to be ready for them. I think they're a really good team, have a lot of speed, have a good plan. But I think it's going to be a big challenge for us. I think we'll be ready."