Jay Cutler Poses for Christmas Photo With Wife Kristin Cavallari Ahead of 'A Very Merry Cavallari' Holiday Special

One of the more popular celebrity couples just teased a return to television, kicking off the holiday season. Season three of Very Cavallari is set to begin airing in January 2020, but Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari will be back on the E! Network on Sunday night. As the owner of Uncommon James wrote on Instagram, there will be a Christmas special with her and Cutler.

"Sooo we filmed a little Christmas special that airs this Sunday night on E! A Very Merry Cavallari. a little teaser before the season airs January 9th!" Cavallari wrote in the caption.

This news came via a photo of Cavallari and Cutler dressed to the nines and posing in front of a decorated Christmas tree. Although the former Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears QB in Cutler drew some attention due to him being barefoot.

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"Jay's so excited he forgot to put on shoes," the official Very Cavallari Instagram account mentioned in the comments. Others simply said that this was a strategic move as Cutler didn't want to be taller than the Christmas tree. Although another fan said that this look was a way of putting the business up top and the party on the bottom.

Of course, having the third season of Very Cavallari air in 2020 means that there will be even more storylines to follow. As a promo showed, Uncommon James will be opening up a store in Chicago, and Cutler wants to have an office.

Will the new season reveal Cutler's future? One of the prominent storylines over the course of the first two years was that the former NFL quarterback is looking for his next purpose. Cavallari has aimed to help him find his way, but the answer has not been provided just yet.

One potential option is Cutler opening up a butcher shop in Nashville. He mentioned a desire to make this happen during the second season, and Cavallari even provided a potential name in "Cuts." The couple even toured a potential business space during the finale, which elicited excitement from Cutler's wife.

"The first time we had a conversation about the butcher shop was actually years ago," Cavallari said during the Season 2 finale. "It is surprising to me that he's actually doing something about it. He's putting in the effort to make it happen. So all of this stuff is a very good sign that he actually wants to do something."


Will Cutler finally open up his dream shop in 2020? The answer is unknown but a tease could be provided during the Very Cavallari Christmas special.

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