Jay Cutler Cracks Open a Cold One With a Family of Deer in Snowy Colorado Snapshot

Retired NFL quarterback Jay Cutler has never been known as a public-facing individual despite his prominent role on Very Cavallari. That recently changed, however, after Kristin Cavallari created an Instagram account for her husband. As the most recent post shows, Cutler has been enjoying the retired life with a trip to snowy Colorado.

As a photo on Instagram showed, Cutler was out in the snow and cooking something in a backyard deep fryer. A family of deer added a bit of nature to the setting. To cap off the image, there was a beer buried in the snow to keep it chilled while the former NFL quarterback cooked.

"Colorado," the caption simply read in order to provide a setting for this picturesque moment. Cutler and Cavallari reside in Nashville, Tennessee, so there were certainly fans curious about the amount of snow in the photo.

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As expected, there were a number of fans that were pleading with Cutler to avoid shooting the deer. He is an avid hunter and has mentioned his outdoor pursuits during multiple episodes of Very Cavallari. Many of his fans didn't want to see another photo with a deer carcass hanging from a tree.

Interestingly enough, there were multiple sports fans that wanted to weigh in on Instagram. "Trubisky got us missin Jay," one Chicago Bears fan wrote in the comments.

Since Cutler left the Bears at the end of the 2016 season, the Windy City football team has been forging ahead with first-round draft pick Mitchell Trubisky as the starter. The fan base is split on the North Carolina product due to some inconsistent performances on the field. Some feel that Trubisky is the future and is growing into a bonafide star while others think he is a complete bust.

Based on this play, there are some Bears fans that would prefer to see "Smokin'" Jay Cutler wearing the uniform once again. That won't be happening given that Cutler is enjoying the retired life. He is drinking beer in the snow, cooking up some food in the outdoor fryer, and building a separate fanbase with his new custom bracelet that includes a bottle opener.


Cutler doesn't really have any reason to go back to the NFL with the way that his life is going at this point in time.

(Photo Credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty)