Hulk Hogan Gives Major Update on Pro Wrestling Career

Hulk Hogan has nothing to prove as a professional wrestler as he's been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice. But will we see Hogan compete again? The 68-year old appeared on the Two Man Power Trip podcast and talked about wanting to have a farewell match. But due to the numerous surgeries he has had over the years, Hogan said it's not going to happen. 

"No, no, no, no, no," 68-year-old Hogan said of ever getting back in the ring, per TMZ Sports. "In the last 10 years, I've had 23 surgeries, 10 back surgeries, both hips, both knees — forget it." Hogan went on to say if he was healthy, he would be down for one final match, and he also knows who he would like to face.  "If I was healthy, shoot -- yeah, man, all day long," he added. "The first one I'm trying to pick off would be Roman [Reigns], then I'd like to get to Brock [Lesnar], but good God, I'd be in a wheelchair by the time I get done with that."

Back in October, Hogan's daughter Brooke talked about the health issues her father was dealing with. "We counted how many surgeries he's had in the last 10 years and I think we're at 25," Brooke said. "He's had both shoulders scoped and he had his whole bicep and his bursa sac and everything tied up in his shoulder last year. That was a disaster. He got MRSA and it was like a big thing."

"So we had to go back and undo tons of physical therapy. He's had both of his knees replaced multiple times, I think twice on both. He's had his hips done. He's had his elbow scope. So yeah, he's had so many surgeries, so he's done a ton, but this last one that he just had finally was like the winning ticket." Hogan began his pro wrestling career in 1977 and retired in 2012. During his time in WWE, Hogan won the WWE Championship six times and won the Royal Rumble match twice. During his time in WCW, Hogan won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship six times. He's also a member of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum as he was inducted in 2003.