Hip-Hop Artist Blackway 'Very Excited' About 'Heavyweight' Making NFL's Songs of the Season (Exclusive)

In October, the NFL kicked off its Songs of the Season series as 'Heavyweight' debuted during the [...]

In October, the NFL kicked off its Songs of the Season series as "Heavyweight" debuted during the Monday Night Football broadcast between the Los Angeles Chargers and the New Orleans Saints. "Heavyweight" is performed by hip-hop artist Blackway, who has seen a lot of success in the last two years. PopCulture.com had the chance to speak to Blackway about "Heavyweight," and he said the song making it to the big leagues is huge for him.

"The phone call alone for me was very exciting," Blackway said when he heard the news his song was selected for NFL Songs of the Season. "It was very exciting for us. It was one of those things that goes down in my little milestone notebook. I very excited and I appreciate it fully."

Blackway wrote and produced "Heavyweight" for the league when he was asked if he wanted to submit a song for the second year the league has done Songs of the Season, which is all part of the Inspire Change campaign. Blackway didn't think he would hear his song during an NFL game, but he knew something like this would come along based on previous projects he has worked on.

"I knew that it could possibly happen because of the kind of music that I make," Blackway said while adding that his "high energy" music was also featured on the Madden NFL franchise. "People tell me my music tends to make people feel like superheroes. It gives them goosebumps when they listen to it. I knew that I would get something like that. But I can't say I imagined it being the NFL."

Blackway, who comes from a family of New York Jets fans, said the Jets have adopted "Heavyweight" as "their team song." He also noted the feedback from family, friends and fans has been very positive while stating "the whole thing is kind of surreal." He says the song's success in the NFL comes second only to when his song "What's Up Danger" was featured as the lead track for the Grammy-nominated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack.

"The NFL thing is the second-most exciting thing that has happened to me since 'What's Up Danger' mainly because I come from such a football family," he said. '"What's Up Danger' was exciting for them, but since they're such football lovers and every time they turn on the TV to watch a game, they hear my voice. For them, it's like 'Wow, he's really doing this.'"

Blackway's new album, New Yhana 2, comes out Friday, Nov. 27. For more on Blackway and all your favorite artists, stay tuned to PopCulture.com for the latest!