Harvard vs. Yale Game Delayed After Protestors Storm the Field

Saturday's game between the Harvard and Yale football teams came to a screeching halt prior to the second half. Roughly 40-50 students ran onto the field and staged a sit-in at the 50-yard line, delaying the game for 45 minutes. They were also joined by another 500 or so individuals that helped increase the size of the protest as the students and faculty members called for the two Ivy League universities to divest from fossil fuels.

According to photos and videos posted on social media, the large crowd sat in the middle of the field. There were also other figures on hand holding banners. "Nobody Wins: Yale & Harvard are complicit in climate injustice," one banner read. Another read: "Yale and Harvard students united for climate justice."

The additional protesters dispersed, but the original group remained at the 50-yard line. They were ultimately cleared by police and security officials.

Following the protest occurring on Saturday, multiple celebrities voiced their support on social media. Actress Daryl Hannah wrote "I congratulate & thank [Fossil Free Yale] & [Divest Harvard] & the work of young activists around the globe who are calling for urgent change to the status quo. Harvard and Yale, it's time to divest. Because when it comes to the further destruction of our planet #nobodywins."

Following the protesters leaving the field, Yale ultimately proved victorious on Saturday with a 50-43 overtime victory. This win gave them a share of the Ivy League title with Dartmouth.

"Yale stands firmly for the right to free expression," the University said in a statement on Saturday. "Today, students from Harvard and Yale expressed their views and delayed the start of the second half of the football game. We stand with the Ivy League in its statement: 'It is regrettable that the orchestrated protest came during a time when fellow students were participating in a collegiate career-defining contest and an annual tradition when thousands gather from around the world to enjoy and celebrate the storied traditions of both football programs and universities.'

"We are grateful to the staff members and police officers who ensured the peaceful departure of students from the field. The exercise of free expression on campus is subject to general conditions, and we do not allow disruption of university events."


Photo Credit: Adam Glanzman/Getty