Watch Browns Tackle Greg Robinson Get Ejected After Kicking Titans Player in the Face

The Cleveland Browns just lost a key piece of the offense during the first half of the opening game. Unlike other teams, however, it was not due to an injury. Instead, the Browns saw left tackle Greg Robinson make a bad decision that actually resulted in his ejection from the game.

In the process of a play in the first half, Robinson landed on his back after being shoved by Titans safety Kenny Vaccaro. While recovering from the shove, the Browns tackle chose to kick the Titans safety in the side of the head. Unlike other players in NFL history, he could not claim that the move was unintentional. Robinson saw Vaccaro falling and aimed his kick.

With Robinson ejected, the Browns were forced to turn to backup tackle Kendall Lamm, who signed with the team after a stint in Houston. Lamm was originally signed by the Texans in 2015 as an undrafted free agent out of Appalachian State, and he started 24 of his 55 career games. Although he was viewed as one of the less-impressive options at the position.

While he wasn't been the best offensive lineman on the Texans roster, Lamm still showed improvement during the 2018 campaign. He was graded as the second-best offensive lineman (60.3) on the Texans roster behind center Nick Martin (60.8), according to Pro Football Focus.

The Cleveland Browns entered the season looking to land in the playoffs for the first time since 2002, but the early reports have not been promising. In the first half alone, the Titans defense has shut down Baker Mayfield and this promising offense, sacking him three times and registering a safety.

Even with Odell Beckham Jr. joining the roster, the Browns mustered a lone touchdown in the first quarter while failing to move the ball on a regular basis. The Titans, on the other hand, have taken the lead with 12 points of their own while avoiding any other mistakes.


The Browns defense, which entered the game looking to become one of the league's best, has been better known for penalties. This unit committed 10 in the first half alone and continued to give Titans extra yards on nearly every series.

For a team with hopes of winning the Super Bowl, the Browns appear to be more of a mess during the opening game. Watching Greg Robinson get ejected for kicking a player in the head was just another example.