Former Georgia, Miami Head Coach Mark Richt Suffers Heart Attack

Mark Richt, the former University of Georgia and Miami head coach, announced he suffered a heart [...]

Mark Richt, the former University of Georgia and Miami head coach, announced he suffered a heart attack on Monday morning. The 59-year old went to Twitter to share the news.

"I am assuming word travels fast. So I wanted to be able to inform everyone that I did have a heart attack this morning. I am doing fine," he said. "As I went through the experience I had peace knowing I was going to heaven but I was going to miss my wife. I plan to be at work this week," Richt wrote.

Fans from all over began to show their love and support from Richt. One fan wrote, Wish you a speedy recovery Mark. Classy guys like you are difficult to find. We still need you in Coral Gables. Please come around every once in a while. All the best!!!"

Another fan wrote, "Don't feel bad, coach, the same thing happened to me when I saw the South Carolina-Georgia score. I'm glad you're still around to tell about it bc you're one of the good guys."

More fans sent messages to Richt who is considered one of the good guys in college football. One fan wrote, "OMG! Praying for your complete healing and back to health soon. We love you, Coach!" Another fan wrote, "Praying for you coach and a speedy recovery man. ...Please don't go back to work this week. Enjoy your wife while you can! Love you coach! Go Dawgs! The U!"

The former head coach currently works for the ACC Network as an analyst. In the summer, Richt talked about how coaching in the future was not in his plans because of his health.

"Well, I think the biggest thing for me was, I didn't do a great job of taking care of myself from the day I took the job," Richt said on The Joe Rose Show of WQAM 560. "I went 15 years at Georgia, and probably needed a break then but just the Miami opportunity was there and is too good to turn down."

Richt was the head coach for Georgia from 2001-2015. During his time in Georgia, Richt led the team to SEC Championships in 2002 and 2005 and he won five SEC East Division titles. He was also named SEC Coach of the Year in 2002 and 2005 and his teams finished in the top 10 of the AP poll seven times.

Richt then became the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes in 2016. His best season was in 2017 when Miami finished with a 10-3 record and reached the ACC Championship game. Richt decided to retire from coaching after the 2018 season. He finished his career with 171 wins and nine bowl victories.