Former WWE Superstar Rusev Says He's Done With Wrestling

Is Rusev retiring from pro wrestling? The former WWE Superstar is claiming that's he's done with sports entertainment and has moved on to gaming. Rusev was taking questions on his Twitch channel and was asked if he was done with wrestling or would he go back to WWE.

"I'm done. I'm done, man," he said, as transcribed by Fightful. "I'm just enjoying my Twitch. I'm a professional Twitcher, YouTuber, content creator." Later on in the stream, a fan said Rusev was his favorite wrestler. Rusev replied: "I'm not a wrestler anymore. Can I be your favorite streamer?" Rusev was fired from WWE back in April due to the company was cutting costs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of his non-compete clause, Rusev couldn't join another promotion until mid-July. There have been a few former WWE stars who have joined other companies, and the thought was Rusev was going to do the same. Back in May, Rusev's wife, Lana, talked about him being let go.

"What does the ravishing Russian Lana think about her ex-husband Rusev being fired," Lana said in a video. "Rusev is not exactly what you think he is. He has manipulated each and every single one of you fans. Why do you think I was taken to jail in Nashville? Why? Why do you think the cops in Nashville took me to jail? Because they were bribed by the Bulgarian Brute Rusev. Rusev Day. He bribed them. He bribed them with a bunch of t-shirts. He bribed them with a bunch of singy songy songs. Rusev finally shoed his true colors. Rusev's probably celebrating right now."

Lana was in character when talking about Rusev. However, she did break character to let the fans know that he's hanging in there. "I can assure all of you guys that, not like I'm talking to Rusev every day or something like that, but I can assure you that the man that I found in 2013 and in NXT discovered him," she said. "The man that climbed up the ladder in WWE, is made up of a lot."


Rusev was one of the more popular stars on the WWE roster. He made his main roster debut in 2014 and ended up winning the United States Championship three times. He married Lana in 2016 and became a naturalized American citizen in 2019.