Former WWE Star Natalie Eva Marie Accuses Qantas Airlines of Gender Discrimination

Former WWE Superstar Natalie Eva Marie is accusing Qantas Airlines of gender discrimination. She took to Twitter last week to reveal her experience on the Australian-based airline. Eva Marie said she was refused access to the business class lounge because of activewear. However, her husband, who was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, was granted access to the business lounge. Eva Marie said the airline would prefer to have women in a "dress" and the rules should be enforced to everyone and not just women.

Eva Marie's tweet led to some strong reactions.

"He's in summer casual wear, you're clearly in head to toe gym wear..." one fan wrote. "I've been in that exact lounge in jeans and a casual shirt before, it has nothing to do with gender bias... stop claiming discrimination just because you can't/don't want to follow the rules."

"If your husband was in a singlet board shorts and thongs he would have been denied also," another person wrote. "T-shirt and shorts are fine however. Read the dress code protocol. No one in the business lounge wants to see someone sitting in there in track pants.

"Agreed... he shouldn't have been allowed in either," another Twitter user added. "Just goes to show money doesn't equal good dress sense. Why did you even expect to be let in wearing this? Are you just trying to flout rules solely to damage businesses? One wonders what real motivation is."


Eva Marie, 35, was part of WWE from 2013-2017. She was discovered on the talent competition WWE Divas Search and that led to her training at NXT. She was also one of the stars on the E! reality series Total Divas where she was on the main cast during her entire time with WWE.