Former NFL Coach Dick Vermeil Blasts Deshaun Watson Over Feud With Texans: 'Change His Diapers'

Dick Vermeil is not happy with Deshaun Watson. The former NFL coach has been following Watson's feud with the Houston Texans and believes he should just go and play football. Vermeil also had a message for the Texans on how to handle Watson.

"I think they change his diapers, OK?" Vermeil said in an interview with TMZ. "Nowhere in his contract does it say that he's involved in making the decisions of who coaches or who leads the organization." Vermeil, 84, went on to say that Watson is a "great NFL football player and always has been a great kid, but I think he just shuts his mouth and becomes a better football player and lead the football team and let the leaders of the organization lead him."

Watson has been frustrated with the Texans' process of hiring a new general manager. He was reportedly upset the team hired Nick Caserio as the new GM without his input. Watson was told he would have a say when it comes to who the team hires as a head coach and general manager. Things have gotten so bad, a trade of the 25-year-old Pro Bowl quarterback could happen if things don't turn around quickly. However, Vermeil doesn't see that happening.

"I just don't see him playing any place else," he said. "And, I see him calming down and maturing a little bit and go be a good football player and earn the money they're paying him." While Vermeil believes Watson is wrong, former Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson is 100% behind the Clemson alum. Johnson went to Twitter to take aim at the Texans for their front office issues.


"If I'm [Watson], I will stand my ground," Johnson wrote on Twitter. "The Texans organization is known for wasting players' careers. Since Jack Easterby has walked into the building, nothing good has happened in/for the organization and for some reason, someone can't seem to see what's going on. Pathetic!!!"

Watson's frustrations with the team reportedly started when the team traded his top target, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, to the Arizona Cardinals last offseason. And while Watson had a very strong 2020 campaign, the Texans finished the season 4-12. If Watson was going to be traded, the Miami Dolphins are considered the best option.